Tissue Healing in Space
Tissue Healing in Space

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Giuseppe Coppola

Contact :   Unit of Naples of Institute for Microelectronic and Microsystems of the Italian National Council of Research - Italy  phone: +39 0816132374  email:  giuseppe.coppola@cnr.it      Website: https://www.na.imm.cnr.it/

Contact :

Unit of Naples of Institute for Microelectronic and Microsystems
of the Italian National Council of Research - Italy

phone: +39 0816132374

email: giuseppe.coppola@cnr.it




Biography: Dr. Giuseppe Coppola received the Electronic Engineering degree, summa cum laude, and Ph.D. degrees from University “Federico II”, Napoli (Italy), in 1997 and 2001, respectively. Currently, he is a senior researcher at Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems
of the Italian National Research Council (CNR). Since 2004, he has been leader of the optoelectronic Lab of that institute. From 2005 to 2012, he was a contract professor at the University of Calabria. His main research interests concern the photonic systems for non-contact characterization, sensing and light manipulation. On these topics, he is tutor for post-doc students, Ph.D. students and several graduating students. During his research activity, he has collaborated for carrying out several national and/or International research projects. He has published over 200 papers among peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. He is Senior Member of the IEEE, member of the Institute Board of the IMM. He is reviewer for different scientific journals.


He’s focusing his main research interests on the development of optical characterization/sensing systems for biological
applications. In particular, the developed systems are based on a holographic approach that allows a label-free, no-contact and nodestructive
application. This approach has allowed both to use a 3D imaging for cells (such as live spermatozoa, leukemic cells)
analysis and to develop holographic optical elements for sensing applications.


The IMM-CNR Unit of Naples is particularly active in the field of micro- and nanotechnologies applied to the development of photonic devices, sensors, microsystems, lab-on-a-chip, nano-devices for the manipulation of light on a scale submicrometer. These are new experiences related to drug delivery and advanced imaging in the bio-medical field. On these activities, there are several projects in collaboration with major industries and SMEs, and international projects in collaboration with numerous foreign laboratories (Berkeley Lab., Dublin Institute of Technology, Boston Univ., St. Andrews Univ., Etc.). The Unit of Naples is currently composed of 20 competent, 8 technicians, 3 administrative, several university members, 5 doctoral students, 10 scholarship holders and grant holders.

Available equipment and techniques:

The IMM-CNR is equipped with laboratories for the design, implementation and characterization of micro- and -devices. Laboratories currently cover an area of about 1000 square meters, including a clean room of about 150 square meters in class up to ISO 5. The cleanroom is equipped with the principal technologies (such as: electron beam lithography, Optical lithography, Sputtering thermal and electron beam evaporator, Heat treatment, Dry etching, PECVDs) to allow the execution of a series of research activities in the fields of optoelectronics, microsystems and advanced sensors. Moreover, the main characterization laboratories present are: Optoelectronics characterization, Electron characterization, Thin film characterization.