Tissue Healing in Space
Tissue Healing in Space

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The Human Brain Wave (HBW) is a biotechnology company focused on the development of medical devices and products for all fields of regenerative medicine. The company is the only owner of Rigenera® technology, an innovative and promising protocol for the human tissue regeneration. This protocol is based on the use of a CE and FDA certified medical disposable Rigeneracons that allows to obtain autologous micrografts ready to use after mechanical disaggregation of small fragments of tissue. The Rigenera® technology is extremely simple to perform and avoids the cells and tissues manipulation without incurring in technical and regulatory problems. The Rigenera ® technology can be used for several applications in regenerative medicine and its efficacy was mainly demonstrated in the wound care including the management of chronic or non-healing wounds (ulcers, dehiscences, pathological scars). Furthermore, this technology is also used for regeneration of hard tissues and cartilage. The HBW is always looking to build high-value strategic collaborations to create the next generation of regenerative products and has several research collaborations on some of its key projects with industrial and academic partners, and is equipped with an owner research laboratory.

The HBW produces: Rigeneracons and Adipecons medical devices, N4SA Rigenera machine and accessories, Sicurdrill (an electric drill portable or rechargeable) and the Adacons (adaptor to use the Rigeneracons with surgical motors).




Tel: + 39 011 9934505

Email: info@hbwsrl.com

Website: http://rigeneraprotocol.it/

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Rigenera® system     Rigeneracons and Rigenera machine N4SA

Rigenera® system

Rigeneracons and Rigenera machine N4SA