Tissue Healing in Space
Tissue Healing in Space

Partner - Life Sciences - ITALY

Lucia Morbidelli

Contact :

Department of Life Sciences, University of Siena (Siena, Italy)

phone: +39 0577 235381

email:  Lucia.morbidelli@unisi.it 

Website: https://www.dsv.unisi.it/en/department/teaching-staff/lucia-morbidelli


1988: Degree in Biological Sciences, Univ. Florence
1991: Specialist in Pharmacology, Univ. Florence
1996: PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology, Univ. Florence
1988-91: Sandoz and Fidia fellowship
Nov. 1994-Feb. 95: Exchange Scientist, Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, USA)
1996-97: Menarini fellowship
1998-99: post-doc fellow, “Study of the cellular, biochemical and molecular mechanisms of angiogenesis" (Univ. Florence)
2000-02: post-doc fellow, "Role of nitric oxide in the control of angiogenesis" (Univ. Siena)
Form Nov. 2002: Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
From July 2010: founder and manager of the spin-off Noxamet Ltd

Evaluation of the role of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide pathways in cardiovascular pathophysiology and angiogenesis.
Preclinical characterization of synthetic and natural compounds in the modulation of vascular functions and physiologic and pathologic angiogenesis
Characterization of mechanical stimuli and synthetic biomaterials on endothelial cell functions and tissue healing and regeneration

Pharmacology of gaseous transmitters (nitric oxide, hydrogen sulfide)
Discovery of angiogenic and antiangiogenic molecules
Endothelial cell biology and angiogenesis: from cell cultures to in vivo models

Available equipment and techniques:

Platform for angiogenesis testing (from in vitro to in vivo assays)

Receptor regulation and signalling

Protein and gene expression

Cardiovascular pharmacology assays

Tools and assays for the study of eNOS/iNOS, H2S and COX/PGES pathways