Tissue Healing in Space
Tissue Healing in Space

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The mission of MoLiRom is focussed on the development of advanced projects in the synthesis, extraction and production of bioactive substances of natural origin and protein based products. MoLiRom offers a unique catalogue of natural products, protein specialties and chromatography products. Molirom is active in R&D projects and is currently participating to the H2020 Marie Curie Action INT “X-Probe”.  Molirom has developed a set of engineered ferritin proteins to be used as a scaffold for memristor-like systems in the framework of nano-sensing devices. The priviledged scaffold is based on the thermostable ferritin from Archeglobus fulgidus, produced in high yield as a recombinant protein and easily assembled/disassembled as a function of divalent cation. The protein can host sensing elements based on metal complexes by means of “encapsulation” procedures while serving as a functionalized surface for electrode/optical probe immobilization. The technology can be used for multiple sensing microarrays capable of monitoring diverse liquid or gaseous analytes of biomedical interest.



Contact person : Alberto boffi


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